Yandicoogina Sustaining Project

The design and construct contract was completed over 24 months across multiple work fronts within the Rio Tinto Yandicoogina Mine Lease.   This has been the largest project undertaken to date by the Linkbuild Construction team

Scope of Works

The Construction Camp included installation of 79 x 4 accommodation rooms and 8 laundry units onto existing power and hydraulic services. Scope of work included;

• Removal of pre-existing support and service infrastructure

• Detailed earthworks

• New connections / upgrading / testing and commissioning of all in-situ services

• Re-levelling / laying of access pathways including breakout area amongst a re-vegetated surrounding area


The greatest challenge Linkforce faced within the Construction Camp upgrade was the extensive expansion and refurbishment of the central facilities areas. Existing infrastructure and facilities had been run down over several years and fallen outside current compliance required by both Australian and RTIO standards.


Issued under a Contract Variation to our Central Facilities scope of work, Linkforce was contracted to complete all remaining mechanical tie-in, valving and aeration installation, chemical dosing, de-watering installation, all concrete works and access platform installation for the WWTP. The challenging aspect was that the SOW was issued to Linkforce after the initial subcontractor entered into administration. Linkforce were left to assess, remedy and complete the installation in a reduced period of time.


Linkforce designed and constructed the clients EPCM area and all associated infrastructure. Scope included 9 separate office and services buildings. Installed infrastructure included HV, LV, potable / fire water systems, sewer and communication reticulations.


Greenfields installation of 49 buildings, associated services and infrastructure. This formed a further expansion of the accommodation in the main camp. Scope included design, earthworks, modular building fabrication and placement, services installation and tie-ins, re-leveling / laying of access pathways including breakout area amongst a landscaped surrounding area.-

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