United Warwick Service Station


United Petroleum have contracted Linkbuild Construction for the design and construction of a new service station in Warwick, Gold Coast. The project is being totally managed by the Linkbuild Project team and includes the following progress:

  • Demolition of an existing [ageing] petrol station; including the decommissioning and safe removal of underground petrol storage tanks.

  • Tilt panels cast on site and craned into position.

  • Infrastructure relocation to accommodate new buildings.

  • Installation of underground bulk fuel storage tanks.

  • Structural steel canopies constructed on ground and raised with dual crane lift which increased installation efficiency and decreased safety risk with on ground assembly.

  • Storm water treatment system; SPEL Puraceptor® (hydrocarbon separator) to treat storm water before discharging from site.

All current in progress activities have and continue to meet the high safety standards and requirements outlined for the project.

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