Merrimac Service Station

Updated: Oct 9, 2019


Merrimac Service station is complete, and in 2 months under the Projected Completion Date.

Please contact us should you have any queries on this build.


LinkBuild has reached another milestone this week~ Fuel tanks have been installed; and the concrete forecourt is underway. The site looks very different from one week ago with programming well ahead of schedule. A huge canopy with Alucobond cladding is underway in United Fuels colours blue and red.

The shops and cool rooms are ready and the layout looks fantastic. All walls are filled with high performance insulation, it will be a Pie Face shop together with another recognisable café very shortly. The project is on track for completion and the final product is certainly eagerly awaited.

Please contact us should you have any queries on this build.


The podium slab on our Merrimac project was designed as a post tensioned system which is a little different to a standard concreting system, in that it requires a series of cables which are placed inside metal sleeves as part of the reinforcing system.

Once the concrete slab is poured these cables are then tensioned and the sleeves filled with a high strength grouting effectively holding the tensioned cables in that position permanently. A post tensioned system requires the concrete to be poured monolithically which means that it is to be poured all at one time. This is because a post tensioned slab cannot have any cold or break joints for the system to work effectively.

This presented some significant resourcing and logistical challenges requiring a labour force in excess of

- 50 concreting personnel for the day ,

- 3 x concrete pumps (two operating and one on standby in case of a breakdown),

- over 110 truck loads of concrete and traffic control to manage the high volume of traffic in and out of the site along a busy roadway.

These challenges were all identified and meticulously planned for by Linkbuild during several planning meetings resulting in a successfully executed concrete pour on the day.

Please contact us should you have any queries on this build.

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