Hope Downs Environmental Concrete Project

The Hope Downs Environmental Concrete Project was completed on behalf of Rio Tinto. With the design already confirmed and issued for construction,Linnkbuild Construction, Perth Commercial builder, the contract was to complete all associated work with the construction of new concrete structures.

Scope of Works

  • Project Management of the listed works.

  • Detailed excavation, supply, compaction, trimming or filling of the existing sub grade all to Rio Tinto Specifications

  • Construction of footings, foundations, sumps, slabs, access ramps, nib walls, kerbs and plinths in accordance with the drawings and Rio Tinto specifications

  • Installation of drainage collection trenches and outfall piping to suit

  • Construction of liquid retaining structures and bunded areas

  • Supply and installation of cast-in items, including edge angles, waterstops, conduits, pipes, holding down bolts & blockouts

  • Detailed earthworks including backfill and ramp construction around slabs, footings & foundations

  • Demolition work involving the demolition and removal or redundant concrete structures

  • Bollard installation as required to concrete structures constructed


Design, Execution, Safety & Quality

A dedicated area, large enough to set up our concrete batching plant, carry the necessary raw materials, equipment laydown area, heavy machinery lay down are and office space was located central to the works. Apart from the work in the pits this saved considerable time in travelling to each work front.

The majority of the work was carried out on day shift, however to avoid potential safety issues and loss of production in one particular area, night shift was used for a short period to complete works.

Linkforce has always maintained a strong commitment to safety for the protection of its employees and clients.

Linkforce exemplary health and safety record is a direct result of a commitment to executing projects in a safe and effective manner. As there are substantial risk elements involved with a project of this nature, a detailed study was conducted on working safely at heights, working in live pit areas, working in areas of the plant that were operating, including under live conveyors. These detailed studies identified the potential risks which enabled the team to develop a substantial risk management plan.

Linkbuild Construction team and safety personnel worked closely together within the project and with the client, to best identify and remove potential hazards from the workplace whilst maintaining efficiencies within the workplace.

As a result of this significant commitment to safety, the project was completed without any lost time injuries or mechanical incidents.

The only time lost on the entire project was due to extensive thunder storms.

The project was executed at the highest level of quality utilising Linkforce quality management systems.

All stages of works were verified by way of field inspection check sheets (FIC’s) or Inspection Test Plans (ITP’s) and did not proceed until Construction Manager and Client approval had been given

Compaction testing of all earth works was undertaken by an independent contractor specialising in this field and every batch of concrete was strength tested to Australian/RTIO standards and contract conditions, by either of two different laboratories.

A Material Data Register (MDR) containing all project information inclusive of FIC’s, ITP’s, material registers, material conformity certs, material test results, redline mark ups, warranties, as built drawings and user manuals was presented to the client at project completion.

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