how to choose a builder


Embarking on a build is both exciting and a bit terrifying. Afterall this is your dream that you are placing in someone else’s hands to deliver. 


To make it more daunting, it’s probably an area that you know very little about and the horror stories are too many.


There is an element of trust that you will need to afford your builder, but you can mitigate this a little by having a checklist. Here are a few points to consider when choosing a builder. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

  • Are they stable?

    • The last thing you want is for the builder you choose to go under during your build. Check that your builder is stable in the building industry. Linkbuild is backed by its parent company, Linkforce. Linkforce is an integrated maintenance shutdown company based out of WA and has been a leader in its field over the past 12 years.


  • Are you on the same page?

    • Can you communicate with your builder? We don’t mean just talk, we also mean are they listening to you and more importantly your architect. Make sure that your architect is comfortable with the builder, they may have seen more builds than you and more builders. If you trust your architect, then trust their instinct on a builder.


  • Have they been recognised for their build?

    • All builders are registered or should be. If they are not, stop and run. The registered authorities award on builders’ projects based on various categories. Check to see if they have received any awards. Linkbuild has been recognised in both the Residential and Commercial Building categories. See more here


  • Are there hidden costs?

    • Make sure there are no hidden costs lurking. A good builder will document all of the costs and project details to be signed off before the build commences.


  • How long will it take?

    • Getting a strict timeline for your build is crucial. A detailed project timeline will be an indication that the build will be completed in the expected times. If your builder can’t supply this, it may be an indication that the project could run over. Running over on time could mean increased costs.


  • Ask for recent projects. Quality is key.

    • Ask for recent builds that your potential builder have completed. These will normally be on their website. This will give you an indication and a taste of what quality you can expect. Has your builder completed previous building work to the required standard, on time and within the agreed budget?


  • Make sure the builder has all the correct paperwork.

    • Check that all the necessary documentation is in order. Such as builders’ licence and insurances. A good builder will include these in the proposal or upfront in the initial meeting.

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